How to Choose the Perfect Ankle Boots

beautiful ankle boots

Ankle boots are versatile and stylish shoes. It is easy to incorporate them into your wardrobe without a lot of effort. Ankle boots can be worn in the cold months and even during summer. You need to make sure that you look for boots with a wool lining during the cold months and lighter ones during summer. It is easy to find ankle boots that you will will complement your makeup and clothes.

Types of Ankle Boots

Blocked (Stacked) Heel Ankle Boots

stacked ankle bootsThese are the best ankle boots for people who want to get the height advantage of wearing high heels without the discomfort. It is easy to wear blocked ankle heels because the shape of the heel is wide and comfortable to wear. Most of these boots come in colorful colors and designs.

Stiletto Ankle Boots

Stiletto ankle booties have a slim heel. They are stylish, but they are ideal for people who are comfortable with walking with stilettos. With these boots, you might not get the comfort that comes with stacked ankle boots.

Wedge Ankle Boots

Wedge ankle boots are for people who want to bring out their youthful side or even for young women. Ankle wedge boots have a wedge-shaped heel, and they might have extra accessories like buckles or zippers. Since these are youthful shoes, style is not compromised when it comes to design and colors.

Flat Heel Ankle Boots

flat heel ankle bootsThese are boots for everyday wear. Flat heel ankle boots have a flat or a slightly raised heel. They are the simplest ankle boots that are available when it comes to design. Most of the time, the height of these boots is slightly below the ankles.

Motorcycle Ankle Boot

These boots are all about fun, adventure, and style. They have a flat heel, but the style is very distinctive. With motorcycle ankle boots you will notice some extras like spikes, buckles, zippers, and straps. The idea is to bring that rugged look of motorcycle riders.

How to Wear and Style Ankle Boots

ladies ankle bootsStiletto ankle boots can be worn on a night out clubbing or any other social event. Stiletto ankle boots go well with leather leggings or jeans. You can also wear a leather jacket or a trench coat depending on your style.

Stacked ankle boots are quite versatile, and they can be worn with a summer dress or cuffed jeans. The idea is to show-off the shape of the ankle boot. Stacked ankle boots are ideal for a relaxed look and day.

Flat ankle boots can be worn with leggings, stockings, and dresses. They are ideal for running daily errands or attending day events because they are comfortable.

Wedge ankle boots can be worn with cuffed jeans or dresses. They can be styled just like the stacked ankle boots because they are very similar.

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